Why the Sunflowers?

I have chosen the Sunflower as a symbol for my coaching and parent education work because the Sunflower represents power. Far too many parents are not confident in their own power, especially in Family Court. However, the more confident you are (not to the point of narcissism though) the better you will do. It is when you are living in constant fear that the system will overwhelm you and overtake your family. It can become like quicksand, but I am happy to throw you a rope!

More about Sunflowers:

  • Sunflowers are always searching for the light, just like we humans are. We don’t always know we are searching for the light, but we are. The light is always there for us, too. All we have to do is follow it. Sunflowers know this. All day long, sunflowers move to follow the light.
  • Sunflowers represent strong faith as they know to follow the sun and they stay with the light without fail. They naturally turn to the light and bask in the rays.
  • Sunflowers can withstand the heat and stand in full bloom all summer. Just like we do when going through tough times, we stand and sometimes, in the midst of harsh conditions, we still stand tall. Unwavering, unbending, strong.
  • The sunflower is not only beautiful, but it provides nourishment for us. There is an abundance of seeds to harvest and eat, come fall.
  • The colors of sunflowers are mostly yellow and brown. Yellow represents happiness and viability, while brown represents loyalty and support. Embrace the sunflower and you will be an unending source of support for your children.
  • The yellow color, like the sun, can brighten your mood. Who doesn’t feel happy when they see a field of sunflowers. If you walk among them, you can get lost in the beauty and depth of them. Just like the sunflower families I work with. They are amazing, awesome and beautiful. You can get lost in them and their enthusiasm will spread.
  • Sunflowers come in many varieties and colors. Just like people, families and homes.
  • The orange often found in sunflowers, represents self confidence.
  • Because sunflowers look similar to the sun, some say they represent focus, healing and warmth.
  • Sunflowers are independent. They will happily stand alone when they must.
  • Sunflowers emit energy in the environment around them.
  • Sunflowers are extremely resilient. Harsh conditions can make them droop, but they will revive and face the sun again before long. So will you!

My goal for all of you sunflowers out there is to see you go from closed off and hiding to opening up and being in full bloom, exactly the way this sunflower opens up and blooms where it is planted!

Sunflower Blooming

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