Susan Carpenter brings her passion for people and relationships to the Journey Defined.

The new website for my coaching and consulting work is now updated. Check it out if you get a chance!

The Journey Defined Website.

Everything is working (as far as I know) and you can even requisition an appointment with me, without having to call. The next couple of weeks are a little busy for me so much is booked up. If you have a great need, especially for divorce or conflict coaching services with Family Court deadlines, and all that jazz, give a call. i may be able to move some things around for you.

I enjoy coaching people and setting their minds at ease. There is nothing better than when a parent leaves filled with hope. Family Court can be a confusing place to navigate. I am hear to help. It makes the 8 years I spent trying to get my family out worthwhile when I can shorten the duration of your Family Court prison sentence.

New clients get a 90 minute fist session at no extra charge. I will never force you to come to coaching if you don’t want to and I am on your side! Where else will you find that in Family Court, huh?

You will find the journey defined website to be a bright, happy site to visit. I use the Sunflower as a symbol for those clients who are mourning the loss of their marriage and time with their kids (sharing kids has to be done, but it certainly can stink. You can learn why the sunflower in my next post!



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