Who does God Call?

God calls us all to something.

About 15 years ago, God called me to become a student of relationships, families and Family Court.  Some people find it strange that I teach about relationships because I am a divorced woman.  Others find it strange that I teach parents how to navigate family court and work cooperatively with those who work in it because I went through an eight year high conflict custody battle that ended with me getting sole custody of my children to rescue them from the system.  Since then, I have followed God’s direction.  He has brought me to amazing places and brought me through some very dark and difficult times and I watched him work miracles that could not be explained as anything else.

God called me to this journey and I answered the call.

Why would God call a divorced woman to teach relationship skills?  Why would God call someone who so deeply lacked those skills that they would put strangers in charge of making decisions about their children while continuing and endless battle of high conflict minutia?  Well, when you think about it, why wouldn’t he?  Who better to teach than one who went through a battle and came out still wearing the scars?  I was called because I begged God to save me from it and he did.  Since the beginning of time that is how the story goes.  God performs miracles and sends the witness to go out and tell about it.  What a wonderful gift to offer, hope.  What a wonderful way to show that the journey is worth all the pain and the scars and when I tell the story, I can honestly say that I would do it all over again if I had to because I have had the opporunity to learn from the Master!  The creator of relationships removed the scales from my eyes so that I could really see.

Is it better to hear about a destination from someone who has been there and walked that earth or is it better to hear about it from someone who has only read about it or heard about it second hand?  Oh, the many details that would be missed in your education about it!

When I experienced my dark times, there was no one I could find who had walked the walk.  In fact, it was a relatively new journey through family court, restorative justice, co-parenting and creations of man, but God helped me understand it and help my kids.  Now, there are people who can help you through it, but not all of them have walked that earth.  Many have only read about it or learned about it second hand and that is why God put me here.  A parent to help parents.  Hope when things feel hopeless.

Things look much different in the light than they do in the dark of night.  All you need is a little light to overcome all of the darkness.  God gave me a story to tell you.  It is a story of truth, faith, hope and transformation.  If you are looking for a light in the darkness of relationship pain, divorce pain, parenting pain, let’s meet.  It is likely the reason God brought you to read this post in the first place and who knows, once he has opened your eyes, maybe you will be called, as well.  What struggle will you overcome?  What experience will you help others through?  What scars will they see you wear that prove why you were the one called?

To find a little hope and a lot of help, contact me.  Let’s begin your journey.

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